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Creative Impact Group (CIG) is an award-winning live, online, hybrid and creative impact group development company. CIG is a full service, live and digital production company dedicated to creative communication, event management and meeting planners. They are silent support team for meeting and event planners, VP of event marketing, human resources managers, creative marketing managers and trade show coordinators. Their global network of capable leaders, executives and producers empowers companies to achieve maximum effect through creative communication in the most meaningful and innovative ways. Creativity is their primary focus.A creative impact group is a silent support team to meeting and event managers, vp s of marketing and human resources, corporate creative marketing managers and trade show managers. It's like having your own personal marketing team working for you. These are the people who will be responsible for communicating the message to your audience and effectively managing the pre-screening and event conduction process. They are also responsible for selecting and producing the content for promotions, as well as providing critical feedback to ensure everything was a success. They communicate with you and help you develop your marketing objectives, tactics and strategy.If you need a secret weapon to increase your bottom line or develop your overall marketing objectives into gold, then you need the creative impact group. The group provides a powerful silent sales force to boost your sales and push your marketing objectives to new heights. It is comprised of seasoned marketing professionals that bring their experience and expertise to your table. Their proven successful strategies are trusted and relied upon by our clients and they always provide creative input to help you achieve your goals.They can include in-house experts and consultants, creative and technical team members, writers and designers, photographers, graphic designers, animators, audio technicians and every combination. The creative impact group can take a small or large company and turn it into a powerhouse. It can provide you with the full service that you have been looking for and take it to the next level. It is as close as your budget will get to a one-stop, integrated, creative marketing solution. We have worked with dozens of these groups and know that the money is there if you want it, but the hardest thing is finding the right group to work with you. agency want to work with the creative professionals for meetings, events, trade shows and marketing objectives. The creative impact group is a full service team to meeting managers, vp s of marketing, human resources managers, trade show managers, marketing professionals and everyone in between. The best professional, creative impact group is renowned for their attentive service, creative ideas, creative expertise, and collaboration skills. Their professional services are renowned for producing amazingly successful events each year.The creative impact group is known for their creative ideas, innovative thinking, technical expertise, and collaboration skills. The team provides full-service design and development for the smallest to the largest of events, creating exceptional events that add impact to your business. They create world class entertainment for corporate meetings, trade shows, conferences, promotional events, family festivals and family-oriented events. The creative impact group is known for its innovative thinking, technical expertise, and collaboration skills. The team provides full-service design and development for the smallest to the largest of events, creating exceptional events that add impact to your business.They will develop the concept, storyboard, music, special effects, visual effects, location assistance and more to bring your concept to life on and off site. We use cutting-edge technology to bring you the most dynamic, realistic, and artistic special effects you'll ever experience. Our artists are known for injecting originality into special effects, visual effects, theatrical and digital arts. Our creative team has years of experience in digital media arts and technologies. We work with industry leaders to bring you the latest in interactive media and digital solutions. Bringing an exceptional creative concept and story to life with high quality equipment and state-of-the-art facilities, is what sets us apart from our competitors.In order to get the most from your event or meeting, you need to invest in the best creative concept and production available. It doesn't matter if your idea is big or small; creative teams are here to help you. Create a unique and unforgettable experience that makes a lasting impression on all who attend or take part in your event. Take the time to explore the incredible services offered by a creative impact group today. The results you're looking for will be worth the investment.