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Another alternative that many businesses often use when they want to promote their goods is to rent an email list to sell to. When it comes down to this method, you won't really ever get an actual email copy of the rent-an-emails list you rent. Instead, the actual owner of this list is solely responsible for delivering your emails to the people on this list. If you own a business, you might not necessarily be worried about this aspect, but many people do not. As such, here are some of the things you need to consider when you are going to rent an email list for promotional purposes:Who are the people that are actually renting the addresses? You can't sign up with just anyone and expect to get your hands on their email addresses. In addition to that, these people should be interested in what you have to offer. You need to make sure that they know enough about your business to make a choice about whether or not they're going to rent from you or not. Do not forget to do this!How many emails do you need to send out to get one dollar? This may seem simple, but many businesses miss this bit of information. While some marketers think that they only need to rent five thousand names to get started, this is clearly not true. Of course, when you start sending out promotions and only a few people respond, this may work out fine. However, if you want to make money with an email list rental, then you need to send out at least ten thousand names.Can you control who gets to sign up for your list? A good way to ensure that you don't end up renting your addresses is by setting up a sales funnel. With a sales funnel, you tell subscribers that after they rent your list, they will receive a special offer. At the very least, this will ensure that no one continues to rent the list to you without receiving any benefit from it.An opt-in box is where you send people to once they rent your address. However, keep in mind that your opt-in box is just one part of a bigger system. For example, if you set up a lead magnet, then people will know where to find your opt-in form, and they will also know where to find your affiliate link if they decide to purchase your products.So are there other ways of building your email lists? Of course, there are! For example, some marketers think that buying a list from a list broker is the best way to go. However, keep in mind that if you buy from a list broker, you are likely to pay more for each subscriber than what you would pay to simply rent someone else's list. Also, a lot of marketers find it much easier to sell something directly to a customer's email list rather than renting it. The reason for this is because a customer's list is already subscribed, and they have already been exposed to your materials before.What about you? Should you consider renting your lists? If you run a business that sells something, then it makes sense to own your own lists, as you can use them for future marketing . Many marketers find it easier to buy lists rather than having to rent them, as there is less to remember and process when making the transactions. You might pay a little more initially, but in the long run, you are likely to save money by not having to continually rent out your lists.Ultimately, the decision to rent or buy your email lists depends on what works for you. Just be sure that you do your research and understand how each method works. Don't just base your decision solely on the cheapest option. The best email lists are ones that cost a little but provide great value for their price. As long as you keep this in mind, you should have no trouble finding the best email lists for your needs!