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Before any investments are ever made, a business will list down all of it's stakeholders and all of the stocks they own in a pre investment cap table template. Usually this represents the owners of the business, who are typically the founder's family members and partners. It is basically a way of setting forth all of the different types of capital that are available to a business. While most often these investment types are things such as equipment and inventory, they can also be things such as common stock or preferred stock.Pre investment caps also list out all of the different kinds of interests that a shareholder has in the company that they have bought into. Interests are listed in order of priority. A shareholder will have priority over other shareholders for certain investments. startup is always first among the lists. These pre cap tables are used primarily for day to day planning and to give some kind of a guide. startup of the shareholders should be detailed in the pre cap table that you use. These details can include information about how many shares or units the owner has, the price that they paid for their shares, what they currently own, as well as other data pertaining to their shares. All of this data is necessary so that you will know which outstanding shares you need to buy in order to make a profit. Other data that can be included is how long the owner has held their shares and how long they plan on holding them.One thing that you will have to keep in mind is how much money you would need to pay out in order to make a single gain. This is something that is known as an equity float, and is one of the most important pieces of data that you are going to have to keep track of. The other thing that you will need to consider is how many shares would help you reach your goal and how much stock options you would have to buy in order to attain that goal.If you are using the Google Sheets to track stock options and shares then you should also include this information in your template. You may want to put in the name of the holder of each stock option that you want to buy and how much up to what amount you are willing to pay for each one. This can be done in different ways and using different software programs.One thing that you should remember about this template is that it is best for you to have one place where everything is organized. This is something that would help you to have everything easily located when you need them. You will also find that there are many different versions of it available. This means that you should consider which one is going to work best for you and how easy it would be to use it for your own accounts at eqvista.If you are interested in making sure that everything is organized and easy to track, then you should consider using an asset locator program. One such program that you should use for your Google Sheet is the Equity Shares locator. This is the program that would allow you to easily track all of your investors, their outstanding shares and what their cap tables are at any given time. It will also allow you to get stock quotes and even the dividend yield of each one of your investors at any point in time.Using a pre investment cap table template at the equity shares section of your Google Doc would keep you from having to create new accounts for each individual shareholder. Instead, you would be able to access all of the information that you need whenever you need it. The other nice thing about the equity shares section is that it can easily be customized. This is done by adding a new column for more information or editing the existing cells for different investors and what their cap tables are.