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Ida Rolf developed Structural Integration. She was a practicing therapist both in American and German cultures. Rolf, an adult, was arrested for her involvement in an attempted murder. She was eventually acquitted due to the lack of evidence or witnesses. Rolf would seek redemption later after many failed attempts at the court of justice. Structural Integration on the other hand, deals with how the mind perceives the body, how we use our bodies to help heal ourselves and how structural integration and the body work together in order to achieve healing.In Structural Integration you will learn the basics of the mind-body connection and what it means to be whole. Rolf found that our minds are one and can experience trauma and pain simultaneously. When one part of the body is suffering from pain and the mind is distracted with other things, our body fights back by releasing chemicals into the blood. Massage therapists use their body or hands to relieve pressure on the affected area and reduce the pain. This can help with healing.By observing Rolf's observations on the way the human body and mind work together he was able to design and develop a type of massage therapy that involved the use of gravity. Gravity can restore and balance the force between two affected sides of the body. This forces both sides to regain their balance and suppleness. This allows the muscles affected to regain flexibility and mobility, which is often lost following an injury or surgery.After the massage has ended, the therapist works with the client to strengthen and make them more mobile. During this recovery time, the client must ensure that injured areas of the body are able to move freely so that they don't continue to be damaged or strain. Massage therapy can be used to improve mobility once the body is feeling well. Many issues that were once a problem are now solved by gravity.It may be strange for some to think of massages that do not involve manipulating the hands or the body. For those individuals who have not had any formal training in massage or have only had brief exposure to the practice, structural integration is all too new to them. They don't know what it is and how it works. They feel uncomfortable being naked or vulnerable during a massage. Fortunately, there are professional therapists out there who understand these concerns and have developed a set of techniques for clients who wish to have a massage with little or no manipulation of the whole body.Structural integration is an effective and natural way for the massage therapist to move the body while providing massage therapy. The whole body can be made more comfortable with just a few pressure points. Most clients that I work with want to take off most of the clothes, but some clients still like their clothes. They would also like the massage therapists to massage their legs and buttocks. This is where structural integration can be of great help.You should have at least ten sessions if your goal is to use structural Integration. The more structural integration massages you receive, the better your body will react to the therapist and the deeper the relaxation. During the ten sessions, the client should expect to receive a gentle massage on the entire body with each session lasting about fifteen minutes.The first session of structural Integration massage will require the client to remove all clothing so the massage therapist can reach deeper tissue. Once the client feels relaxed and comfortable, the massage therapist will apply gentle pressure at different pressure points. 대구출장안마 You can also incorporate other types of bodywork, such as Swedish and massage, into structural integration. These types of massage are beneficial and can help people suffering from chronic pain. Swedish massage reduces stress by relaxing the client. This allows them to focus on the positive aspects and not their negative feelings.