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Im looking just to get an estimate.Could I remain on my parent's motor insurance ?"I drove from a parking garage and needed a switch too tight and a parked caris bumper was scraped by my door. It crawled the color to the left-side in their bumper-concerning the size of a football. But on the part's top there's a broken portion in regards to my forearm's period -not shattered preciselyCould it be correct that my car insurance fee will increase even when my car is repaired by me independently?Just how much does auto insurance expense?"Ill be operating my dad's autoThe vehicle was taken by her without permission I know alot of folks state that but this really is definitely true.She failed and didn't have a permit. She was not responsible since the additional person was driving with headlights down through the night no one was hur nonetheless both vehicles are damaged. Can my insurance cover I simply have responsibility."If demise occurred on account of suicide"Our mom gave me a-car afew yrs back and it's also still in her name. She is had insurance in her name-but wasn't unable to really make the fee