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Minecraft is a great game that you should play with your friends. Sometimes, you'll all be digging in to build something incredible and sometimes you'll be making mods to recreate Elden Ring, and sometimes you'll be exploring servers online to see what the world has to offer. Sometimes, things can get messy when you play online with strangers. This is the issue that the latest Minecraft snapshot is aiming to fix. Minecraft snapshot 22W24A is available now, and it's building towards 1.19.1 by making several bug fixes as well as two new features. Chat reporting is the main feature. This allows you to report abusive messages that are being sent in game chat. It's worth noting that the blog explains that "any reports made during the testing period might not be acted upon," but the ability to kick out toxic players is an integral element of any online game and this is a good option. Chat reporting is available in the social interactions screen. You'll have to report specific chat messages and choose the appropriate category. Presumably, this is to prevent the system from being misused, as you cannot simply make a general report of the player. You need to describe what they've done and the blog mentions that your report will be reviewed by a moderation team. It's difficult to determine what constitutes an authentic and actionable report, but it's worth learning about it. The other major change is that you can now duplicate the amazing Minecraft allay. THINKOFDEATH This can be done by giving them an amethyst shard. minecraft However, duplication comes with an 2.5-minute cooling time. This should ease any concerns about how many mobs of allay are out there. Plus there's always more an adorable thing, isn't there? We are hugely impressed by the Mario Kart mod for Minecraft. It adds in the karts that we know and love, but also some amazing aquatic features, too.