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Many people make the mistake of thinking that email list rental is the same as email list purchase. While both provide you with a list of email addresses, they do so in different ways. When you purchase an email list, you actually take ownership of all the email addresses you choose and therefore have the sole right to use them as often and as long as you wish. With Frescodata , you are renting the addresses you choose for a period of time. The good news is that this type of list is cheaper than having to purchase an email list outright.Many marketing experts consider email list rental a cost effective alternative to traditional forms of marketing like direct marketing, paid search and sponsored email. There are Frescodata for this, but the most obvious reason is cost. Direct mail and paid search can be very expensive, especially if you intend to send out many pieces. Sponsored email marketing, while less commonly used, can still be very costly, depending on the amount of information you intend to present and the frequency with which you wish to distribute your promotional emails. This form of marketing can take a huge amount of time to set up and can be quite costly in the long run, depending upon the number of email addresses you require.A second advantage to renting email lists is the time it saves you. If you do not wish to spend your time crafting individual advertisements for your products or services, then you have a host of options open to you. You could opt to create an email list on your own, or you could opt to rent one from a reputable provider. If you choose to create your own list, there are a number of aspects of your business, such as your product or service description, a brief market analysis, research on the demographics of potential customers, and other considerations, that must be carefully considered before you begin marketing.On the flipside, renting email lists allows you to immediately start conducting your marketing campaigns once you receive them. If you were to create marketing campaigns on your own, you would need to take care of a variety of details, including writing compelling advertisements, distributing them to your potential customers, tracking any results, and so forth. Renting email lists eliminates all of these complications. Renting also gives you a wide variety of marketing campaigns to choose from.As aforementioned, there are a variety of aspects to consider when you decide to rent an email list. If you are a small business owner operating on a tight budget, you may opt to rent for one or two marketing campaigns at a time, or you may opt to rent for a larger B2B campaign. If you choose to rent, you will need to carefully evaluate what the costs will be, and how the campaign will fit into your budget. You can often negotiate the costs with a b2b company or with the individual lease holder, and most companies offering email list rental services will be happy to assist you with making an informed decision.Another aspect to consider when you rent is whether you are able to market to the audience you are targeting through buying email lists. For example, if you operate a home based business and want to promote to family and friends, buying email lists is likely not a good option for you. If, however, you want to market to a much broader audience and include a diverse range of possible customers, then you will have an easier time renting. You may need to purchase a separate list for more targeted audiences, but this can often be purchased upfront and should not raise any issues.List rental companies will also discuss delivery options and methods with you. While a few will deliver the content immediately, most allow you to either upload the files yourself, download them into a folder on your server, or both. This delivery option should be important to you because it can determine how fast the email list rental grows and how well the content is received. The more rapid your list grows, the less control you have over which emails get sent and which get deleted. For this reason, a higher delivery rate is typically better.Finally, you should consider whether you would prefer to work directly with the list rental companies, or whether you would prefer to work with a third party broker. Brokers tend to have a variety of lists that they can sell to you. While their job is to sell you advertising space, most specialize in list rental and can help you set up a solid campaign from start to finish.